About MyPeople

Striving to make a positive impact and committed to changing the outsourced payroll system for the better

Our mission: Empowering businesses with reliable payroll support

At MyPeople, we recognise the challenges businesses face, and we’re committed to providing comprehensive solutions to help navigate the complexities of umbrella and CIS payroll. Our friendly, fun, and hard-working culture is central to our approach and is built on a foundation of trust, transparency, and efficiency.

Our values

Above all else we value our integrity, being ethical and transparent in all our business dealings, and we are very proud of our reputation for being honest, respectful, and passionate about our services.




Exceptional Service

Personalised Support


MyPeople in the community

We are deeply committed to giving back and supporting the communities we serve with passion and purpose. Through our sponsorship and support activities, we proudly stand alongside organisations and individuals who are making a positive impact locally.

Proud sponsors

We’re kickstarting a new era of community sportsmanship. From the thrill of the game to the camaraderie in the stands, we’re here to champion local talent and ignite the spirit of teamwork.

Paws for applause!

Our hearts are filled with furry joy as we partner with the Newcastle Dog and Cat Shelter and sponsor kennels. Together, we’re ensuring every wag and meow counts, providing a safe haven for our beloved four-legged friends Here at MyPeople we’re huge animal lovers, and everyone loves a stroke with our office dog Horace!

Go wild for wildlife!

With Blyth Wildlife by our side, we’re protecting the homes of our feathered, furry, and finned friends. It’s a jungle out there, but together, we’re nurturing nature and preserving precious habitats for generations to come.

Empowering athletes

Strap on your boots and lace up those gloves! At MyPeople, we’re the ultimate cheerleaders for champions. From the boxing ring to the kickboxing arena, we’re backing Olympic boxer Savannah Stubley and British kickboxer Kyle Todd every step of the way. Their passion fuels our dedication, and together, we’re reaching for gold.