Complaints Policy and Procedure

1.0. Complaints Statement

As part of our ongoing commitment to providing excellent service, we have a policy of dealing with all feedback, good or bad, and attempting to achieve a satisfactory resolution.

2.0. How to Register a Complaint

You may at any time register a Complaint:

  • by phone to 08000 584468
  • by email to
  • in writing to us at Blyth Workspace, Quay Road, NE24 3AG

3.0. All Complaints:

3.1. shall be logged, investigated, acted upon as appropriate; and the resolution / outcome will be recorded, together with any resulting actions.

3.2. may be escalated by you if not resolved to your satisfaction.

3.3. shall be dealt with in accordance with our current Complaints procedure.

4.0. Procedure

4.1. Details of all formal Complaints are recorded in the company’s Action Log by the Service Manager.

4.2. The Complaint will then be investigated by the Service Manager with you and members of the team involved.

4.3. The Service Manager will then confirm the findings and the actions to be taken with you and (if agreeable with you) will ensure that the actions are completed within agreed timescales.

4.4. Once the actions are completed the Service Manager will request confirmation that the issue/complaint has been resolved to your satisfaction.

4.5. Should the complaint not be resolved to your satisfaction, it may be referred to the Chief Executive.

5.0. Amendment

5.1. This policy does not form part of any contract and we may amend it at any time.