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Questions most commonly asked by our agency partners

Agency Questions

What distinguishes MyPeople for our clients?

MyPeople stands as a premier service provider exclusively designed to meet the specialised needs of agencies, contractors, sub-contractors, and businesses. We deliver comprehensive payroll solutions, facilitating seamless operations. MyPeople alleviates the administrative burdens by managing pivotal aspects such as payroll, tax compliance, and contractual obligations. By entrusting these critical functions to us, all our clients can channel their resources more efficiently toward strategic growth initiatives.

Is customisation of services available?

Yes, MyPeople prides itself on offering customisable solutions. We recognise the subtle complexities of each client and are committed to tailoring our services accordingly to ensure optimal outcomes.

How flexible is your payroll processing?

Whether your employees are paid weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly, our system is flexible enough to accommodate your preferred payroll schedule. We understand that the frequency of payroll processing can vary, so we’re here to adapt to your requirements.

Are your solutions scalable as we grow?

Whether you’re a small startup or a large corporation, our payroll services are scalable to grow with your business. As your workforce expands or your payroll needs evolve, we can adjust our services to accommodate your changing requirements.

What dedicated support do you offer?

We prioritise customer satisfaction and provide dedicated support to our clients. Our team of payroll experts, onboarding specialists, and account managers are readily available to address your queries, resolve any issue, and offer guidance to ensure a smooth payroll process.

What benefits are there for an agency who partners with MyPeople?

The benefits of partnering with MyPeople are manifold, including:

  • Significantly reduced administrative overheads.
  • One of the best rewards platforms on the market.
  • Enhanced compliance with regulatory frameworks.
  • Access to our inhouse dedicated Account Managers.
How can we sign up with MyPeople?

It couldn’t be easier! Just give us a call on 0800 0584468 or drop us an email at and we’ll be happy to help.

When do my contractors get paid?

Once we have received the hours worked from the agency or client, we’ll raise an invoice for the required funds. Once we have cleared funds, we will allocate funds to the appropriate worker, and we pay all our workers by no later than 5pm on their designated pay day.

How much do we pay for MyPeople's services?

The agency or client does not pay anything for our services. We retain a margin from each worker to cover our costs and margins are agreed in advance.

Do contractors get holiday pay or statutory benefits?

Umbrella employees who are employed by MyPeople are entitled to statutory employment benefits and they have the option for advanced or accrued holiday pay.

MyPeople Rewards

Rewards Scheme

As a valued member of the MyPeople community, your workers will gain access to a range of exclusive benefits and rewards. At MyPeople, we’re committed to ensuring your contracting experience is truly rewarding. Click here to discover the perks that await you.